Facility / Equipment


Excelen’s facilities offer a clean and versatile setting to support any number of research, training, and educational needs.



The facility is fully equipped with operating rooms, surgical lighting, flexible workstations, and an array of basic and specialty equipment. Locker rooms, scrubs, and personal protective equipment are provided. 

Excelen also offers a variety of meeting spaces with video conference capabilities for virtual meetings, meals, didactic training, and debriefing.

Excelen provides human cadavers or anatomical parts, cold / freeze specimen storage, SIM models, instrument cleaning / disinfection, and sterilization services. 

The lab is available 7 days a week (half days and full days).

With 2200 sq. ft. of operating-room space, Excelen can support a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8 full body stations (or 16 half stations).

Equipment List
• Professional-quality audio / video
• GE 9900 C-arms (Up-to 6)
• Mini-C-arm’s
• Adjustable surgical tables and railings
• Positioners
• Protective Lead
• 3 Arthroscopy Towers / circulation pumps
• Suction
• Headlamps
• Multiple surgical instruments for many specialties
• SIM Models
• Gurneys for live models

102 seat theater style auditorium

916 sq. ft. multi-disciplinary room with overhead monitors & kitchenette